STEM with MakerCart

Bring hands-on learning into your classroom with minimal fuss

Our mobile makerspaces provide engaging activities aligned to NGSS, ISTE and CSTA academic standards, that foster computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

Starting at just $9 per student per activity!!

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Bring maker education into your classroom

Makercarts foster computational thinking and inspire a maker mindset - by providing a safe, CompSci standards-aligned environment for tinkering and creating.



STEM and STEM maker activities (and growing!)


Schools using the Makercart

Encourage self-directed learning

Experience the joy of self-directed learning with the posters that accompany each "STEM with Makercart" activity! These posters spark curiosity while guiding students to explore and innovate. Their unique open-ended structure inspires a growth mindset, turning classrooms into vibrant spaces of creative discovery.

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    Customize your Cart

    Pick and choose from over 100 activities across 3 themes and get started with as low as $9 per student.


    Engage students with interdisciplinary, hands-on activities that encourage learning by doing.

    Computer Science & Computational Thinking

    Empower your students with future-oriented coding and logical reasoning activities that blend online and hands-on learning.

    Climate Education

    Transform students into environmental stewards, with activities that explore climate science and sustainable solutions.

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    Fully standards-aligned

    The Makercart transforms standards-based learning into an exhilarating journey. All our activities align with crucial benchmarks like NGSS, Common Core, CSTA and ISTE standards. Make achieving educational goals an exciting adventure!

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    There's a Cart for everyone

    Whether you’re looking for activities for your classroom or your Makerspace, there's a Cart for you. Choose between two formats, depending on your usage.

    Deluxe Makercart

    8 activities

    Dimensions: 6’ x 4’ x 1.6’

    Ideal for permanent placement, e.g. in the school Makerspace

    Mobile Makercart


    4 activities

    Dimensions: 4' x 3' x 1.5'

    Highly portable - ideal for after-school and classroom activities

    Grant funding available

    Makercarts are eligible for federal/state funding. Contact us for more details!