Future-proofing young minds
with a Maker Education


When comparing educational approaches that best prepare students for the future, it’s imperative that we build students up to be keen problem solvers who can thrive in any environment.

This is especially crucial in today’s constantly evolving environment, where job roles can transition and even completely disappear within a few years. With this in mind, traditional approaches of designing career programmes that are based on jobs – and not abilities – are no longer viable.

Instead, progressive maker programmes equip students for the future by:

Equipping students with future-proof critical thinking frameworks and values


While technical skills can lose their relevance quickly, critical thinking abilities, soft skills and strong values will guide them through every stage of life – and along every career path.

Introducing students to real-world problem-solving scenarios


By identifying and solving issues that exist in the real world (and not just within the confines of textbooks), students are engaged in situations that more closely mirror their future workplaces – and are better prepared for these instances.


What Defines a Maker Mindset

Just what is it that encapsulates a maker mindset and gives students an edge over their peers, all throughout their lives?

A love for learning and a can-do attitude!

Maker culture cultivates a love for identifying problems and designing solutions. Students who have adopted a maker mindset show a willingness to take ownership of issues and persevere when solving problems.

Personal excellence and integrity

A maker education is a positive education. One that encourages young minds to value themselves and their abilities - to take pride in producing quality work, striving towards personal excellence and showcasing integrity, as well as a strong work ethic.

Being a team player

While traditional education pedagogies place a heavy emphasis on being individualistic and achieving better results than peers, maker education immerses students in scenarios where students share ideas and build upon the work of others - all to achieve the best solution to a problem. Young minds develop the skills needed to become an indispensable team player and excel in their future work environments.


How We Make It Happen

We work with schools to create maker education programmes and instil a maker culture in among both educators and students alike.To make this happen, we offer three categories of programmes.


Maker Programme

Get your students started on a maker education immediately, with predesigned programmes that are readily available for you to “plug and play” into your curriculum. Simply choose the programme you want, and we’ll implement it in your school.

All our programmes are designed to promote critical thinking in students, adapted to fit and expand on your curriculum.

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Edum8ker Training

Create a buzz in your community by cultivating a maker culture within your school – and there’s no better way to do so than by having your educators trained as professional edum8kers.

Our training programmes are specially designed to build your teachers’ capabilities, so they will have the skills, knowledge and evaluation tools needed to deliver exceptional maker programmes to your students.

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Makerspace Consultancy
& Design

To enhance your school’s maker culture, it’s important to design a makerspace that promotes this mindset. Our team provides expert consultation with schools across Southeast Asia and to-date, has played a role in designing 14 makerspaces across the region. We have the expertise to suggest suitable and safe design concepts that meet all your needs, while staying within your budget.

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